Kivu Hills Academy Phase II Match Grant

Every dollar that is given toward this initiative will be matched, so your gift toward the building of Phase II will immediately be doubled! So far, $40,000 has been raised and matched for a total of $80,000!  We still have $65,000 to go–  please consider helping us build a lasting foundation for Christ in Boneza – brick by brick…knowing that  your gift will be immediately DOUBLED.

We hope to start construction on Phase II at the end of 2017, and once we reach our goal of $210,000.

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ValMark Securities and their Member offices have offered ARM a $105,000 Match Grant

The good friends at ValMark Securities have put forth a Match Grant for Arise Rwanda Ministries. Thanks to their enormous generosity -  we have an exciting Capital Campaign to build Phase II of KHA!

Phase II

Kivu Hills Academy


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