Clean water is the essential cornerstone of the mission of ARM in Boneza. 

Our Method

To bring safe water to the villages of Boneza through the drilling of wells.
To teach good health and hygiene methods
To assure sustainability of the wells through local community partnership and commitment for oversight and maintenance

A recently published report entitled “Cost Effective Compassion: The 10 Best Strategies for Helping the Poor” (Bruce Wydick, 2012) ranks clean water as the number one most cost effective way to help save lives in rural villages. A World Health Organization study estimates that the availability of clean water in a rural community reduces infant mortality by 35-50%. 

Since 2012, ARM has drilled eight clean water wells in the villages of Boneza. These wells have been drilled by Living Water and are sponsored by individuals and groups dedicated to the mission.

Each well provides clean water to 500 people who no longer have to hike to a stream or lake to retrieve their daily supply, which is often dirty and disease infested. Since the initial drilling, it has been determined that the area cannot sustain additional wells. The resolution to this situation is to mechanize two of the wells so they can be drilled deeper and thus provide more water for villagers in the area. A mechanized well can support 2,000 people. This is making a huge difference in the area.

Finally, the island of Bugarura, home to 2,000 people, also needs clean water. The island water project was a bit more complicated as a different water solution was needed. The plan to capture and store water in a 10,000 liter underground holding tank became the solution. This project required considerable backbreaking labor and engineering. The first tank is complete and will serve 1,000 people. The second system is funded and will serve another 1,000 people at the other end of the island.

Just as clean water flows, so do the thanks from the villagers giving praise to God and grateful hearts to the many contributors and supporters.