Arise Rwanda has embraced the entire community in support of the leaders and the individuals. ARM believes that through community development and support for local entrepreneurs, a sustainable foundation will be built, fostering personal ownership and community pride.

Our Method

To develop the means of sustainability for small business development in Boneza. Example: Our current “Have a Cow” Program
To facilitate connecting all local church leaders for Pastor Training Programs, Community Outreach, and Pastor Support Programs
To develop community savings group programs

ARM has partnered with SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperatives) to develop entrepreneur education programs and build savings groups that support the development of local businesses. This government sponsored agency brings technical skills, resources, and training to the community. Savings groups have been started and businesses have developed to support the local economy. Other programs that have supported community development include:

Motorcycles for Leaders

Travel on the muddy and rutty rural roads is an ongoing challenge. Most occurs on foot or by bicycle. Now five new motorcycles are available for use by the community leaders and pastors as they travel through the area on community business. They share the responsibility for the cycles and maintain a cooperative schedule for use. The work of these vital leaders is greatly enhanced by their ability to travel more quickly and efficiently to serve more people of the region.

Have a Cow

The “Have a Cow” program started when a group of ranchers from Colorado identified the need for families to own their own cow. In Rwanda, having a cow provides family and personal respect and is a valuable resource for dairy and manure. Many cows were slaughtered in the 1994 Genocide and often families have not been able to replace them. This program has brought over 100 cows to the villages and their offspring have also been shared with others. Another bonus to this program is the supply of milk for the preschool “Bowl of Porridge” program.