Education is the foundation of a community.

Our Method

To provide a preschool education and porridge feeding program for impoverished children in the (5) key regions identified within the Boneza community.
To begin the early development of future teachers and leaders for the community and the country.
To build Kivu Hills Academy; a multi-generational vocational training and educational facility that meets the ongoing educational challenges and develop specialized skills training that can be appropriately applied within the region. 

ARM's first mission was to provide a preschool education and a “Bowl of Porridge” feeding program for the poorest of the poor children in the villages. This vision has expanded to provide a post-eighth-grade education for academic and vocational skills training for the community. This school will also be a multi-generational educational facility providing skill development for learners of all ages. The ultimate goal is to cultivate future teachers and leaders for the community and the country.


Preschool Education in Boneza

In 2010, John Gasangwa first identified the need for preschool education in the villages of Boneza. With the support and cooperation of the local leaders, the first preschool opened for 30 youngsters from ages 3 to 6. These children were given a daily nourishing “Bowl of Porridge”, the foundation stone of the first classes. John knew from experience that you can't learn on a malnourished stomach and that God's love would shine through in the blessings of nourishing body and mind. As a proud symbol of the achievement of going to school, each child wears a uniform and contributes to their education.

The first school was in a community building with no door and no windows and then as if to give another challenge, the roof blew off. None of these obstacles thwarted the efforts of the village and ARM. Loving teachers and their aids, village leaders, and parents, with the support of ARM, all worked together to provide the needed resources to make the first class successful.

Today, five years later, ARM supports five preschools in the four villages of Nkira, Bushaka, Kabihogo, and Remera, and one on the island of Bugarura. We have 5 teachers and 10 assistants and provide daily education for 310 children.

Kivu Hills Academy

Founded upon the love of Jesus Christ - Dedicated to Excellence in Education

The cornerstone for the new Kivu Hills Academy was laid in June 2015. John Gasangwa’s dream of education for the Boneza community began with the preschools, but is now moving into a new phase, education for post-eighth-grade, providing an academic and vocational education that will provide essential skills to bring Boneza into a new era of hope and prosperity.

The school will give students the ability to continue their education in their own community rather than boarding in a distant city. Beginning with the first class, students will build skills needed to achieve a secondary education.

Located on a beautiful hill overlooking Lake Kivu, the school will be constructed in phases and grow as classes are added. Foundations for the first classrooms are being prepared in September 2015 with the first classes anticipated in the January 2016 term.

Supporting the structure of the school is a team of dedicated architects, builders, and educators designing the facility and the curriculum.