With the founding of Arise Rwanda Ministries and the support of many people he has met in the past five years, John returned to Rwanda to fulfill his promise to God and to the people of Rwanda. 

Arise Rwanda Ministries was founded by John Gasangwa in 2011. John was born in a Ugandan refugee camp in 1981. He witnessed all the horrors of famine, rape, murder, and human cruelty one can imagine. At age 10, he prayed to God and made a promise “that if He would see me through my education, I would spend the rest of my life serving the poor people of the world.”

At age 13, he traveled back to Rwanda to find that his father had been killed in the Genocide. Against incredible odds, John was raised in an orphanage, schooled, graduated from college, and began working for World Vision, Opportunity International, and KIVA in microfinance. In 2011, John completed his MBA in Global Social Sustainable Enterprise at Colorado State University.