is the foundation of a community. From our Bowl of Porridge program to Kivu Hills Academy, we're passionate about developing a solid foundation of education in Boneza.

Clean Water

is an essential cornerstone of the mission of Arise Rwanda. we aim to bring clean water to boneza, establish local oversight of wells and tanks, and educate the community on personal health and hygiene. 


we believe that through community development and support for local entrepreneurs, a sustainable foundation will be built, fostering personal ownership and community pride.

In Rwanda, Africa,

we believe that the most effective way to build sustainability and prosperity is to focus holistically on individual communities through education, clean water, and community development. Our vision, mission, and motivation is based on the call of Jesus Christ to serve others. 

Since 2011, Arise Rwanda Ministries has focused its efforts and resources on the community of Boneza (population 24,000) in the Western Province of Rwanda. Located on the shores of Lake Kivu, Boneza's villagers are primarily agrarian tending their personal gardens for their family food as well as larger plots of tea, coffee, bananas, and potatoes for trade.

The beautiful region is rich in human resources but underdeveloped in the areas of education, clean and safe water, economic development, and essential infrastructure. Our mission is to work with community leaders in identifying priorities to build hope, health, and sustainable progress for the people of Boneza. 




Our Vision

A thriving Boneza, Rwanda with Christ-centered, educated leaders and residents creating hope, health, and sustainability for all people.

Our Mission

To positively transform the people of Boneza out of extreme poverty by focusing on sustainable vocational education, clean and safe water systems, pastoral care, and community/economic development.

Our Motivation

We answer the call of Jesus Christ to love, equip, and serve the people of Boneza by joining them on their journey out of poverty.